Mixed Brown Tinalak Clutch

Made of Tinalak material, a traditional cloth found in the Southern part of the Philippines (South Cotabato, Mindanao) woven by Tiboli women tribe. It is hand woven, made of Abaca fibers. Tinalak is the interpretation of their dream and made into work. . It has an organic look especially when the color is primarily original come from abaca leaves. Elegant and have this tribal feel to it.


Nita Rectangle black and white Handbag

Material is made of Buntal fiber of Buri Palm Tree. Handwoven and handcrafted with artisan Filipinos in the Philippines. Chic style to wear daily.


Snakeskin Rectangle Brown Purse

Made of snake skin! Hand made and handcrafted in the Philippines by Filipinos. A labor of love. One of a kind piece. Very elegant and world class quality.


Esther Large Square Mixed Brown and white pattern handbag

A combination of a rare art and design together. A labor of love handbag made of a Buntal fiber from a Buri Palm tree. Handwoven and handmade. Super chic style of handbag with a brilliant color combination of color mixed pattern.


Red Precious stones Rectangle flap clutch

Material is made of Buntal fiber of Buri Palm tree. Hand woven and handcrafted in the Philippines by hardworking filipinos. A beautiful design, beautifully made clutch accessorized with precious stones. Perfect for anyone especially to keep you phone and lipstick while out with friends.


Kissy Pear

Pear shape handbag mixed red and black pattern design. Made of Buntal fiber manually extracted from leaf stalks of Buri Palm, a palm tree in the Philippines. It is hand woven, handmade and handcrafted with style and great design.


Snakeskin Black Oval Handbag

Handcrafted to perfection! Elegant to wear to work, office and meeting up with friends. Handcrafted by hardworking Filipino people and are handmade in the Philippines. So nice to own and to give as a gift!


Torquiese Square Clutch

Handwoven clutch made of Buntal fiber from a Buri palm tree. Handmade and handcrafted in the Philippines by Filipinos.


S Curve Design Cherry Quartz and Pearl Pendant

14 Karat Rose gold filled, S Curve Signature Design with Natural Cherry Quartz and pearl pendant.


Rose Gold Handmade Earrings with Pearls and Garnet

Rose gold metal non tarnish, natural pearls and Crystal Garnet Teardrop Earrings


Yellow Gold Curve Design Earrings with Lapis Lazuli and Moonstones.

Yellow gold Non- tarnish metal with natural Lapis Lazuli and natural moonstones.


Handmade bangles with Spiral Design in Rose gold and Sterling silver.

Stacking Spiral Bangles in sterling silver and Rose gold.


Single Pearl Yellow Gold Bracelet

Simple minimalist style for daily wear. 14 Karat yellow gold filled with natural pearl charm.


Handmade Links Bracelet with natural Jade

Handmade sterling silver links connected to natural Jade bracelet. A perfect gift for her, for yourself for daily casual or office look. Jade is known to provide luck and balance. Such a positive vibe feel while wearing a Jade charms bracelet.


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