Rare Handcrafted Handbags

A work of art handbag. Buntal Handbag. Designed and hand woven in its finest. Made of a fiber manually extracted from leaf stalks of the tropical Buri Palm in the Philippines.

Cherry Blossoms at Central Park New York

Since it is Springtime in New York and the day was perfect Sunny!, I decided to walk thru 57th Street and head to Six Avenue. Viceroy Hotel where I was staying at is located at 57th Street and Six Avenue and a short walk towards the location of Central Park. Thanks to Google and AppleContinue reading “Cherry Blossoms at Central Park New York”

Life is meant to be travel and share

It was 20 or more years ago when I started to get fascinated with traveling the other side of the world. I was newly graduate from International Relations degree. Being fresh from College, I was very fortunate to land a job in a Travel agency which I ended up building and managing my Own TravelContinue reading “Life is meant to be travel and share”