Life being on Hault

Life has changed drastically for most of us since Mid March of 2020. Being in SIP, ( Shelter in Place) our normal way of life was suspended and we now face each day with seemingly bottomless uncertainties. As an unflinching optimist, I saw the opportunity to find creative ways to entertain myself during this new normal. At first, the thought of being at home all the time made me feel like I couldn’t breath, but my new direction with jewelry production has minimized the chances of feeling claustrophobic and being smothered. Thank God for the technology, where we can still see what’s going on out there, outside of my home parameters. At least we have the option to touch base with our friends, family and community.  I asked myself what I can do now that I can’t go to work nor do I have work to go to . I am used to doing something and feeling accomplished at the end of the day. How would I make this new normal life work for me? I have come to a point where I have this flash back of memories. I remember my teenage life where I would assist my Mom in her Tailoring and dress shop. It was summer school break and I believe I was 14 years old when my Mom asked me to join her in her dress shop in the afternoon if I got nothing going on at home. She asked me to learn sewing and socialize with her co- workers in the shop. I enjoyed the process of learning about sewing and placing beads on the gown that she was making for a client. It was one of the best memories I have with my Mom. It was so much fun and I felt pretty useful to my Mom’s business.
(These warm memories of my Mother are what motivates me to remain focused on my work).

Everyday when I wake up, I’m inspired by the blend of design, art and discipline that my Mother instilled into me. It’s a labor of love, but more importantly, my body of work represents a shrine to her…I intend to utilize my time to get better on the skills and knowledge I have learned from 15 years of working in the industry. Also, I was certified as a Jewelry Designer from the New York Institute of Arts and Design. I feel accomplished and productive! I have enjoyed the Jewelry making class so much that I have not realized how time flies fast while I was at it! I think that anyone can find their hobby or passion and hone their skills into something special during “Life on Hault”Here are some examples of Jewelry I made in the last 3 months from April to July 2020.

Published by Annie Feliciano

I'm a career woman but loves to have a well balanced life includes, travel, photography, fashion, family, friends, pets and gardening.

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