Life is meant to be travel and share

It was 20 or more years ago when I started to get fascinated with traveling the other side of the world. I was newly graduate from International Relations degree. Being fresh from College, I was very fortunate to land a job in a Travel agency which I ended up building and managing my Own Travel Agency business. I got a chance and received many travel perks such as free flight and hotel accommodations. That’s when I realize that life is better when you travel, see other places, engage with people and experience different cultures! Life is quite even more exciting when you share your stories and so here I am… I hope I can inspire you and let you see and feels how it is to travel. Life can be exciting if you give yourself a chance to enjoy your life.

Published by Annie Feliciano

I'm a career woman but loves to have a well balanced life includes, travel, photography, fashion, family, friends, pets and gardening.

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