Pink Diamond


One of the most rare color diamond. It is harder to find due to its rarity and availability the reason why pink diamond’s value is higher than white diamonds. For someone who is looking for a one of a kind piece of jewelry that is not only beautiful but also a good investment to own, I highly suggest a pink diamond. It’s my first favorite color diamond.

Late Summer Travel in Europe

It’s been almost a month since I came back  from my Europe trip but I still can’t help to reminisce and still feel the excitement of what a great experience I had. Travel to me is like an itch that I got to scratch. I just can’t stop. Life is just so much fun and enjoyable when you travel. The experience is just once in a lifetime ecstasy. Each travel is unique and beautiful.

Why did I choose late August to travel? The airfare is unbelievably way low and inexpensive and less tourists or crowds to deal with. As much as possible I prefer to travel with ease and less chaotic.

My first stop – Jersey, United Kingdom. This is where my sister Millie lives with her loving husband Graham. Two amazing couple, with so much love to share with me and my two friends who were very happy to join me on this travel journey and discovery.  Here  is “Elizabeth Castle, a castle and tourist attraction, on a tidal island within the parish of Saint Helier, Jersey. Construction was started in the 16th century when the power of cannonmeant that the existing stronghold at Mont Orgueil was insufficient to defend the Island and the port of St. Helier was vulnerable to attack by ships armed with cannon. “(Wikipedia)


Georgian House – see below

To walk through the front door of 16 New Street is to step back in time and experience life in Regency Jersey. With evocative sounds and smells, you will be transported to a time of elegance when gentlemen smoked clay pipes, ladies drank priceless tea and the threat of French invasion was always a hot topic of conversation. The Georgian House is open on Weds, Thurs and Fri from the beginning of April until the end of October.


Mont Orgueil (Jerriais: ‘Mount Pride’ or ‘Haughty Mount’) is a castle in Jersey that overlooks the harbour of Gorey. It is also called Gorey Castle by English-speakers, and lé Vièr Châté (the Old Castle) by Jèrriais-speakers.




St Brelade’s Church is one of the twelve ancient parish churches in the island of Jersey. AD 1035


Jersey Lavender farm




Jersey Liberation Square



Downtown Jersey




Great New York Energy

How can you not love New York! The vibrant flow of energy can be seen immediately as soon as you step into the bustling Fifth Avenue "The Shopping Mecca per se " Its entrancing and mind blowing when you see people from every direction and cars and buses flows like it never ends. If you're into shopping and who doesn't? its the best location to be in. You can walk through all along Fifth avenue and you will find many high end luxury brands standing proud and tall in every corner.If it's your first time in New York, I can honestly say that you will never get lost as it's easy to find your way around.

Cherry Blossoms at Central Park New York


Since it is Springtime in New York and the day was perfect Sunny!, I decided to walk thru 57th Street and head to Six Avenue. Viceroy Hotel where I was staying at is located at 57th Street and Six Avenue and a short walk towards the location of Central Park. Thanks to Google and Apple map! It made my life easier and find my way to Central Park without a fuzz. As I love taking photos and enjoyed using my Nikon Camera, I can’t help but got entranced with the beauty of Central Park. I just kept on taking photos of anything that I thought was picture worthy. The Park is quite a view! a relaxing place for everyone and it was so much fun to see the Cherry blossoms, the pond, the Bridge, the trees, the birds and people from every side of the world. Please enjoy my Cherry blossoms photo. #Centralpark #Newyork #nature-photography. DSC_0108.JPG

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Life is meant to be travel and share

It was 20 or more years ago when I started to get fascinated with traveling the other side of the world. I was newly graduate from International Relations degree. Being fresh from College, I was very fortunate to land a job in a Travel agency which I ended up building and managing my Own Travel Agency business. I got a chance and received many travel perks such as free flight and hotel accommodations. That’s when I realize that life is better when you travel, see other places, engage with people and experience different cultures! Life is quite even more exciting when you share your stories and so here I am… I hope I can inspire you and let you see and feels how it is to travel. Life can be exciting if you give yourself a chance to enjoy your life.